Reasons to RV

Glad you asked! There are so many reasons that different people decide to use an RV, let’s take a look to see if any of these strike a chord with you:

Bonding with the children or grandchildren. Getting the family together and staying together for meals, games, activities at a destination will create memories and closeness that is unmatchable.

Following a hobby. Many people love the unique observation opportunity of being in the infield for auto racing, such as NASCAR or Indy car racing. Others attend dog or cat shows, antique car shows, and shows, fairs and festivals of all kinds. Outdoors lovers participate in bird watching, kayaking, fishing, hunting, hiking, surfing…or just enjoying the stars at night away from the city. Others enjoy bicycle touring, bicycle racing, motorcycle touring and more.

Traveling on business. Many skilled professionals use RVs as their home when they have a career that involves staying at different assignments for weeks or months at a time. Traveling nurses, engineers, skilled trades, consultants, trainers, and event coordinators find it much more comfortable, convenient, healthy and economical to use an RV rather than a hotel and restaurants all the time.

Traveling artisans. Have you ever been to arts and craft shows, fairs and concerts and wondered how those people can afford to carry all their stuff around, have a place to stay, and get from place to place? Most of them do it with an RV!

Bring the pets along. Pet owners like to travel, too, but who wants to pay a kennel and wonder about your pet catching a disease, or try to find a reliable pet-sitter ! And pets often get depressed when their owners are away. Some hotels accept some pets, but it’s usually not as convenient as having them with you in an RV.