Charlotte RV Center has recently added about new high-tech tire servicing equipment which enables us to perform services on tires that most other facilities simply can’t do!

RVs are particularly sensitive to tire balancing. An unbalanced tire can cause vibrations that result in rattles throughout the interior. This can lead to broken dishes, pots & pans, stoves, cabinets, window dressings, dashboards, doors, and so many other objects that are stored in the interior or are part of the interior. Tire balancing and truing work elimiinates the vibrations thus keeping the interior objects in place and intact.

Charlotte RV Center chose to purchase the Hunter Road Force 9600 Heavy-duty Wheel Balancer with Smart Weight balancing technology. What makes this machine unique is its roller that applies force against the tread of the tire so that it can simulate the deflection that occurs in a tire as it rolls on the road, as well as identify out-of-round conditions. It can detect if the fault is in the wheel vs. the tire. A regular tire balancing machine can only tell you which side of the tire is heavier so that you can add weights to the opposite side to counter-act the centrifugal force as the tire is spinning. With this machine, we can readily identify an out-of-round tire and then recommend truing the tire, which is far better than applying counterweights. For details on this machine, go to

Many new tires come from the factory out-of-round, and the tire stores apply counterweights to compensate. Charlotte RV Center goes the extra step: we make the tire truly round! We purchased the TSI Amerimac W-405 Tire Truing Machine to enable us to true tires that are out-of-round. Go to to see the video and other information. Charlotte RV Center purchased the stand that enables the tire to be trued while it is on the Hunter Road Force machine. This eliminates the variables caused by movement of suspension, steering and wheel bearings that comes into play when other, lesser equipment is used to true and/or balance tires while they are still on the vehicle.

Charlotte RV Center is the ONLY RV facility in Florida that has tire truing equipment. There are a few truck tire dealers around the state that have tire truing equipment. Contact Us today to have us balance and true the tires for your bus, motorcoach, RV, or any medium- and heavy-duty-truck!