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23180 Harper Avenue. Corner of Northbound US
41 and Kings Highway (County Rd. 769), Punta Gorda FL 33980.

Charlotte RV specializes in selling your recreational vehicle. We have the knowledge, experience, and know how to get your RV sold quickly and for top

Why let us sell your vehicle instead of sell it yourself?

  • Superior marketing.
  • More likely to get market value.
  • More likely to sell quickly.
  • No out-of-pocket costs of marketing.
  • No strangers calling or coming to see you after the sale.
  • No strange “buyers” to bother you by phone.
  • No appointments to make to show the coach.
  • We handle title work & registration.
  • We handle Loan payoffs.

Reasons Why We Can Sell It Best:

  • Exposure at Florida’s largest dedicated pre-owned RV center.
  • Exposure through extensive network of internet classified RV sale listings.
  • Exposure at Florida’s largest pre-owned RV indoor showroom center.
  • Exposure at Florida’s largest dedicated RV consignment dealer.
  • We can accommodate trade-ins from potential buyers.
  • Exposure in Charlotte County, which has the highest per-capita population of RVs of any county in Florida over 150,000 population.
  • Professional sales consultants.
  • Exposure on busy US 41 prime corner, 23180 Harper Avenue.
  • Exposure on Florida’s busiest pre-owned RV internet site.
  • Exposure on Charlotte County’s busiest RV internet site.
  • Exposure in local newspapers.
  • Exposure to Southwest Florida campground guests.
  • Exposure through regional newsletters & magazines.
  • Exposure through mass direct mail campaigns.
  • We can arrange financing for buyers.
  • We offer Extended Service Plans to buyers concerned about buying a used RV.
  • We have an outstanding marketing program.
  • We can arrange to get your RV in shape to sell.
  • Buyers like dealing with an affiliate of Charlotte County’s largest dedicated full-service RV service center.
  • Trusted professional Florida RV Dealers who have made a name for themselves in Southwest Florida.

Why broker with us instead of another dealer?

  • Selling your vehicle is our specialty.
  • We do not sell new coaches to compete with yours.
  • We do not have incentives to sell our own stock first.
  • We keep your coach clean.
  • We keep your coach locked except when showing it to a qualified prospective buyer.
  • Outstanding reputation.

Optional indoor storage while your coach is for sale.

  • Has your coach been garage-kept?
  • Is your coach extremely valuable?
  • You may specify that your coach be kept in our indoor storage building.

Looking to buy or trade an RV?

  • Beat the cost of depreciation!
  • Buy a pre-owned coach in great condition.
  • Great selection of pre-owned motorhomes and towable RVs of all types, some nearly new!
  • Professional, caring, knowledgeable RV consultants.
  • Extended Service Agreement (warranty) available.
  • Financing.
  • Trades.
  • Have you decided to sell your RV?
  • Have you decided to buy another RV but need to sell yours first?
  • Do you want more for your RV than you could get by selling it to a dealer or trading it in?
  • Don’t want to endure the work, expense, liability, risk and aggravation of selling your RV yourself?

When it comes time to sell your RV, it can be a very emotional experience with memories of great trips, fabulous destinations, and fun times with friends and family and pets. When it’s time to sell your RV for any reason, Charlotte RV Center is here to help you. Trying to sell your own RV can be a real aggravation. Preparing the RV to sell, cleaning it, repairing it, and finding a place to display it is a lot of work. Charlotte RV Center will work directly with your extended service agreement company and your insurance company to handle any repairs that are covered at their expense. Charlotte RV Center can make it completely easy for you.

Don’t give up your free time! If you try to sell your RV yourself, keeping appointments with lookers, who may not show up, can waste your time and patience. But, when you consign your RV with Charlotte RV Center, it is on display 24/7/365 in our lighted, paved lot on busy US 41. And our experienced sales staff handles callers, lookers and e-mailers 6-days a week. Your RV is kept locked, and only prospective buyers who have been qualified by our sales staff will be escorted through your RV. Charlotte RV Center’s professional sales staff members will point-out the benefits and features of your RV. When the buyer gets a test drive in your motorhome, they are accompanied by our sales staff, and we don’t let just anybody take one for a spin!

Haggling with lookers can be very stressful. Setting the price for your RV is important, because it won’t sell if it is too high, and you give away your money if it is too low. Charlotte RV Center’s staff of seasoned professionals in the RV business knows how to interpret the guides, such as Blue Book and NADA, and they know how close to book value is realistic in a rapidly changing market of see-sawing fuel prices, tight credit and a down economy. The final decision on how much you sell your RV for is still yours. It’s a buyer’s market, but there are still buyers that our superior advertising will attract to see RVs in our inventory online and in person. Our professional sales staff can turn those lookers into valuable customers.

Many prospective buyers of RVs have another RV, boat, car, truck or motorcycle that they want to trade-in to enable the purchase of your RV. Charlotte RV Center can facilitate trade-ins.

Getting financed to purchase an RV is not easy anymore. Charlotte RV Center has the connections to get buyers approved at the best interest rates and monthly payments available. Without our assistance in the specialized field of RV financing, potential buyers might not be able to get a loan to purchase your RV. Our financing sources can usually provide longer terms and better interest rates than most banks or credit unions, which lowers the monthly payment and makes it easier for a buyer to purchase your RV. That’s one of the important services that Charlotte RV Center provides at no cost to you to help get your RV sold for the best price.

Some prospective buyers of RVs might not want to buy your RV without some type of warranty. Certainly, you do not want the risk and liability of providing a warranty. Charlotte RV Center takes the risk and liability from you by providing a limited warranty on almost every consigned RV that we sell. And Charlotte RV Center can offer the buyer the most competitive prices on extended service agreements to protect them years into the future. None of these costs is at your expense.

Most people buy their RV from a licensed dealer’s lot or website. You did, too, right? So, stop wasting money on classified ads or “for sale” signs. Let the professionals at Charlotte RV Center sell it for you!

Once Charlotte RV Center has a buyer for your RV, we will prepare it to be picked up or delivered. Charlotte RV Center handles all of the paperwork for the proper transfer of the title. If you have a loan on your RV, Charlotte RV Center handles the payoff of your lender to protect you and the buyer from liens.

Charlotte RV Center has been extremely successful in selling RVs on consignment since 2005. Charlotte RV Center is now the largest dedicated pre-owned RV consignment dealer in not just Florida, but in the entire Southeast United States. We are so confident that we will do a good job for you that we guarantee that if your RV doesn’t sell within the agreed period of time, there is no charge to you to take it off the market.

Call Charlotte RV Center at 877-883-5555 from 8:30 AM to 5PM Eastern time, Monday through Saturday, and ask for the RV Consignment Department. Or fill out the Consignment inquiry form on our website at and we will call you no later than the next business day.

What is “consignment”?

When you consign your RV to be sold by a dealer, it is much like listing your home to be sold be a real estate agency. You remain the owner until it is sold, while the professionals handle the marketing.

Have you tried selling your RV yourself?

Are you tired of trying to sell your RV? Are you tired of “buyers” calling who:

  • want to trade another RV or land
  • want you to finance if for them
  • *waste your time with no-show appointments
  • dicker you to death
  • Or strangers coming and calling?

What are the pitfalls and hassles of trying to sell your RV yourself?

  • Are you really prepared to sell your RV yourself?
  • Advertising expenses add up quickly, with no assurance that you will find a buyer.
  • Do you want to hire a lawyer to defend yourself or go to court when the buyer accuses you of not disclosing a problem?
  • Can you take a trade-in? If not, you lose the sale.
  • Can you handle the financial transactions of recording the buyer’s bank’s lien and getting your bank’s lien released on the title?
  • Do you have the patience to deal with “tire-kickers”? Most people shopping for RVs are doing just that, “shopping”. They may not qualify for financing, or are just wasting your time.
  • Are you comfortable with strangers at your door? How do you know that the person who responded to you ad is not just coming to “case the joint”? Risks of your personal security, theft or burglary are real!

Charlotte RV Center can make it easy for you:

  • Pickup service available from anywhere in the continental USA and Canada.
  • Cleaning services available.
  • Repair and refurbishing services available at a discounted labor rate when the RV is on consignment.
  • Free appraisal.

How to choose a dealer to sell your RV:

  • Rule #1: Don’t consign your RV to a dealer that has their own inventory of new or Used RVs! Their money is tied up in their inventory, and they will make every effort to sell those RVs first before they sell a consigned RV. Charlotte RV Center does not sell new RVs, and we do not go to auctions to buy Used RVs for inventory. Everything we offer for sale is here on consignment because the owner of the RVs selected our service, but we do have trade-ins.
  • Rule #2: Select a dealer that has at least 50 pre-owned RVs for sale, so that they have enough selection to attract customers. Charlotte RV Center is the largest dedicated RV consignment dealer in Florida at the same location since 2005.
  • Rule #3: Select an experienced RV dealer, not a car, truck or equipment dealer. Select an RV dealer who have been in the business through the cyclical ups and downs before. At Charlotte RV Center, our consignment sales manager has been in the RV business continuously since 1973, and our staff understands the ever-changing RV market.
  • Rule #4: Verify that the dealer is licensed by the state to RV sales, and consignment sales if the state requires a separate license designation. Charlotte RV Center holds an RV license with the State of Florida.
  • Rule #5: Check the Better Business Bureau rating. Charlotte RV Center is rated!
  • Rule #6: Look at the dealer’s marketing program. Don’t think that your RV will probably sell to someone local. Because RVs have unique floor plans and color schemes, many buyers use the internet to find the one they want. Charlotte RV Center’s internet advertising initiative is second to none, so we get buyers from all over the continental U.S., Alaska and Canada…and occasionally even foreign buyers who are going to buy an RV to tour the U.S. or export it.

Consignments are not a sideline at Charlotte RV Center…it’s our specialty! We have the capability to market your RV that is unmatched by other RV Dealers! We are dedicated to selling consigned RVs, we do not buy Used RVs at auctions or sell new RVs to compete with your consigned RV.

  1. Central location in prosperous Southwest Florida near I-75. Only 2.5 hours to Disney World/Orlando area, 1.5 hours to Tampa, 2.5 hours to Fort Lauderdale/Miami
  2. Free airport transportation from Fort Myers, Sarasota or Punta Gorda for you if needed.
  3. Free airport transportation for the buyer from Fort Myers, Sarasota or Punta Gorda if needed.
  4. High-quality Photo Shoot, Video Taping for online advertising.
  5. No mandatory commission charge. We take the guesswork out of the price: we’ll agree on the price at the time the RV is listed.
  6. No “registration fees” or “listing fees”.
  7. No hidden fees.
  8. No storage charges.
  9. No display charges.
  10. No advertising charges.
  11. No monthly fee.
  12. Security of busy, well-lit, patrolled location in one of the lowest-crime communities in Florida.
  13. We don’t sell old or junky RVs that would detract from the visual impression or reputation of our facility.
  14. RVs at our facility are attractively displayed and grouped by category, i.e. late-model diesel pushers together, late-model gas Class A RVs together, etc.
  15. RVs are displayed on a paved lot at our facility, not in a field with mud, weeds, rodents, critters and insects.
  16. We handle exports to Canada, and overseas.

“Charlotte RV Center provides things that you cannot: marketing, service, financing, and warranties. And, best of all, it doesn’t cost you anything! We do all the work! “


  1. User-friendly web site for buyers to browse and search for the RV that fits their needs and budget. Look at
  2. Charlotte RV Center has extremely high-ranking web sites in internet search engines. Try doing searches yourself and see!
  3. Listings on the highest-ranked internet classified sites, such as,,,,,,,, and dozens of other RV web sites.
  4. Social networking (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)
  5. RV shows and super-sales
  6. Family Motor Coaching magazine
  7. Highways magazine
  8. Motorhome magazine
  9. Trailer Life magazine
  10. Florida RV Trade Association directory
  11. Billboards
  12. Local newspapers
  13. Regional newspapers
  14. Radio spots
  15. national RV Dealers campaign
  16. Direct mail campaigns
  17. Community and local sporting events participation
  18. Campground guides and brochures

RV short sales / motorhome short sales:

By the nature of practices in the financing RVs in the past, many RV owners are “upside down”, which means that they owe more on the loan than the RV is worth. For example, you can get $50,000 for your RV, but your loan balance is $75,000, so you would have to pay $25,000 to payoff the loan. If you are in a position where you won’t have the money to payoff the loan when the RV is sold, please let us know about the situation before you sign the consignment agreement. It is important to have a plan in place to payoff the loan first. If your financial position may justify your bank accepting a short sale whereby they write-off a portion of the debt, then such an agreement should be agreed in writing with the bank before putting the RV up for sale. In many cases, if you have good credit or assets but not cash, the bank may allow you to sign a new note to make payments on the rest of the money after the RV has been sold. We have handled lots of short sales of RVs, and avoided many repossessions.

RV repossession / motorhome repossession:

If you are in a financial bind and have stopped, or are going to stop making the payments on your RV, please let us know about the situation before you sign the consignment agreement. It is important that the financial institution not attempt to take the RV while it is here for sale. You need to realize that when a financial institution takes possession, they will not likely sell it for nearly as much money as we would get for you, and there will likely be many fees and expenses that they will add to your debt. The financial institution may sue you to get the rest of their money, and don’t think that they won’t if you have assets or income. We make every effort to work with you and the financial institution to avoid repossession, so that the RV can be sold for the best price for the benefit of you and the financial institution.

Ready to consign? It’s simple! Here’s how:

  • Call us to make an appointment to bring in your RV, or we can arrange for pickup.
  • Please remove any personal belongings that you want to keep, because anything left in the RV may be disposed of.
  • Please fill the gasoline and propane tanks.
  • Please bring a copy of the proof of insurance, current registration and a copy of the title if the title is not being held by the financing company. We do not want your original title until the vehicle is sold, therefore, you keep the title so there is never any risk to your ownership. If you have a loan on the vehicle, then please bring your loan account number, name and telephone number of the financial institution, and find out the current balance due. If the vehicle is jointly owned, then both (or all) owners must sign the consignment agreement, and must have their driver’s license or state-issued identification card with them.
  • If you have an extended service agreement, please bring a copy with you.
  • Once your RV is here, we will review it with you for visible damage and condition that could affect its value and saleability. If your RV has special features, such as add-on accessories or custom features, please tell us about them so we can take those items into account for the appraisal. Then we will sit down with you and go over the appraisal. After the price is agreed upon, we will help you fill in the appropriate information on the consignment agreement. That’s it, we do the rest of the work! Just plan on never seeing your RV again!