Do you want to know the history of the motor home that you’re about to purchase? Charlotte RV Center is proud to offer Carfax Reports for the motor homes that we have for sale. These reports may inform you if a motorhome has been in an accident, flooded, fire damaged, or has other major incident related to it.

    Learn About:

  • Title Problems
    • Severe Accident?
    • Lemon?
    • Flooded?
    • Odometer Problems?
  • Ownership History
    • How Many Owners?
    • High Mileage?
    • Rental?
  • Accidents & Service
    • Total Loss?
    • Frame Damage?
    • Service Records?

Charlotte RV Center is known for their honesty, integrity, & their willingness to stand behind the RV’s, Travel Trailers, & Campers they sell. For RV buyers the Carfax report is another tool you can use when making the decision on what RV is right for you.Carfax information is collected from over 200,000 sources of information including police and fire departments, collision repair facilities, auto auctions, and more. See chart below learn what all is in a Carfax report.

Data source Types of data provided to CARFAX How the data can help you make a better used car buying decision
U.S. motor vehicle agencies
  • Branded titles, includings alvage/junk, flood and more
  • Truth in Mileage Act (TIMA) certified odometer readings
  • Manufacturer buybacks or lemon titles
  • Registration records, including original vehicle use and city/state where the vehicle was registered
  • Accident damage reports
  • Stolen vehicles
  • Ownership transfers
  • Lien information
  • Identify problem titles
  • Uncover potential odometer fraud
  • Learn estimated number of owners
  • Learn where the vehicle has been registered
  • Identify how the vehicle may have been used (rental, taxi,lease, etc.)
  • Uncover past accidents
Canadian provincial motor vehicle agencies
  • Vehicle registrations
  • Problem brands
  • Odometer readings
  • Ownership transfers
  • Find cross-border activity
  • Identify problem brands
  • Learn estimated number of owners
Auto auctions
  • Odometer readings
  • Uncover potential odometer fraud
Collision repair facilities
  • Accident indicators, including:
  • Structural/frame damage
  • Collision repair history
  • Uncover past accidents that resulted in repairs

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