Pre-Owned and Used RV’s: Are they Right for You?

RVs often go through several owners, and this should not be a stigma. Don’t assume that it was sold because it was a lemon. RVs change hands frequently for several reasons. One of the reasons that people trade RVs is because they decide that they want a different type, size, or features. Another reason is because people’s life circumstances change. For example, the kids grow up and develop their own interests, so the family doesn’t go camping anymore. Or an elderly couple may face health issues that keep them from traveling, or the loss of a spouse. Or responsibilities to care for family members may put travel plans on hold for a while. Or sometimes people change hobbies, such as a boat versus an RV, or a vacation home versus an RV. Or retirees may travel extensively (even maybe full-time RVing) for a few years, and then decide to settle down somewhere that they found in their travels, so they buy a home and sell the RV…until they get the urge to travel again.