Maintaining a RV

If it is a motorhome, the single best thing you can do to keep your maintenance costs low is to drive it as frequently as possible. Take it out for a half-hour or more every week (or two). This will lubricate the internal parts in the drivetrain and wheel hubs, dry out unwanted moisture, prevent rust from building up on brakes and other moving parts, lubricate seals, charge the batteries and flex the tires and belts. Run the dash a/c, or, if it is cold outside, select “defrost” to exercise the a/c compressor and fan motors. During your drive, also run the generator, and put a load on it by running the house a/c and refrigerator in the electric mode. After your drive, spend 15-minutes before you leave the RV to run the refrigerator in the gas mode, run the water heater and the furnace for electric refrigerator mode to put a load on it.