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Why Buy Your Next RV from Charlotte RV Center?

Charlotte RV Center is a brick-and-mortar dealership, with full service center.  We are not just a listing service with a website!


Licensed by the State of Florida, insured and bonded as an RV dealership.

BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU RATED.  You can verify it on the BBB website!  Click here

FREE 90-day/3,000-mile Extended Service Plan:
Most pre-owned RVs come without any protection, regardless of whether you buy from an individual or a dealer.  NOT HERE!  Every RV that Charlotte RV Center offers that is less than 14-years old comes with a FREE 90-Day/3,000-mile Extended Service Plan and is certified by the National RV Sales Inspected & Protected Program.  Additional information is on our website.  The FREE 90-day/3,000-mile Extended Service Plan is issued by Protective XtraRide.  Protective is the only RV Extended Service Plan company that is endorsed by RVDA (the national Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association).  Additional information about the Protective XtraRide coverage is on our website.  The coverage level that we provide FREE is the basic level, which covers most of the major mechanical components. There is a $250.00 deductible per visit that would be the buyer’s expense in the event of any claims.  Please see the brochure for a detailed list of covered components.  We offer Protective XtraRide plans with more comprehensive coverage and longer periods of time up to 7-years.  We also offer Tire Guard Protection contracts.  Please note that extended service plans do not cover wear items such as tires, batteries, belts, hoses, light bulbs, brakes, body and upholstery, normal wear, or damage from collision, impact, breakage, fire, theft, corrosion, road hazard, flood, vandalism, etc.  Most of these other damages may be covered by your RV insurance.  Click here for more information about Protective XtraRide.

Every RV that Charlotte RV Center sells retail to the public comes with a FREE 1-year membership in Coach-Net.  We use Coach-Net because their road-service is especially for RVS.  Coach-Net is the only road-service company that is endorsed by the RVDA (national Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association).  In addition to road-service, Coach-Net also provides 24-hour/365 telephone technical support to help with problems that maybe they can talk you through how to operate or override something.  They also provide concierge service, trip planning, and so much more.  Click here for more information about Coach-Net.

Every RV that Charlotte RV Center sells retail to the public (unless otherwise agreed) will have been inspected and tested by us before it is scheduled to be picked up by the buyer, to ensure that every device works as designed.  There will be at least ¼-tank of propane, and at least ¼-tank of fuel if it is a motorized vehicle.

Every RV that Charlotte RV Center sells retail to the public (unless otherwise agreed) will be washed from top to bottom, we even open and wash the awnings, the interior will be clean, and all storage compartments will be emptied out.

Every retail buyer of an RV from Charlotte RV Center will be given a FREE complete Orientation by the technician who inspected and tested it.  The technician will show the buyer how to operate every feature on the RV, will demonstrate that all devices are working, and will answer any questions about how to operate and maintain the RV.  If it is a motorized RV, then the technician will also accompany the buyer on a test-drive to demonstrate features and to confirm that it drives normally.

Every retail buyer of an RV from Charlotte RV Center will be given coupons for 15% off on the day of delivery, and 10% off for the following 90-days for use in our Parts & Accessories Department.  Our Parts & Accessories Department offers the popular items that an RV’er will want to have along with them, as well as accessories such as towing equipment for trailers or for towing a car behind the RV, satellite TV systems, etc.

There is a $100 document fee charged to the buyer for each RV sale in addition to the vehicle purchase price, without exception.  You will find that this is a bargain, because most vehicle dealers charge much more, even as much as $1,000 for what they call document fees, prep fees, handling fees, or whatever.  Any applicable sales taxes, registration and title transfer fees are in addition to the price of the vehicle purchased, and must be paid by the buyer prior to the vehicle being released to the buyer or buyer’s agent.  Call us for the amounts, which will be based upon the state and/or county where there vehicle will be registered.

If the vehicle will be registered in the State of Florida, we must collect the State and County (if applicable to buyer’s home county) sales taxes from the buyer.  We will process the Florida title transfer and registration.  If the buyer has a Florida license plate to transfer from another vehicle, we will register the change of vehicle, otherwise, we will provide a temporary tag upon departure.  The Florida title and registration fees will be collected by us from the buyer.


CLICK HERE to learn more about how Charlotte RV Center gets you the best value concerning sales tax for out-of-state and out-of-country buyers.

We sell lots of vehicles to Canadians, and it is not expensive or complicated for a Canadian buyer to import their purchase from Charlotte RV Center into Canada.

You will need the title to the vehicle in order to clear Customs. Please be aware that the title may not be immediately available if there is a lien on the title by the bank or credit union that financed the purchase of the vehicle by the previous owner. After you have paid for the vehicle, we will arrange with the previous owner and/or financial institution to payoff the loan and clear the lien. Financial institutions are allowed by law up to 30-days after the payment to them clears in which to process the release of the lien. In practice, they rarely take that long, but, because of the steps in the process, it could take up to several weeks for the buyer to receive the clear title. We have have no control over how long the financial institution and the state will take to provide the clear title, it could take days or it could take weeks. Even if the bank has assured us that they will “expedite” clearing the lien, we cannot be responsible if it takes longer than expected for any reason. So don’t plan on taking the vehicle out of the USA right away if the vehicle that you are purchasing presently has a lien on the title. If you have limited time constraints for exporting the vehicle, then you should purchase a vehicle that does not presently have a lien on the title. The sales representative can let you know if the vehicle that you are interested in presently has a lien on the title.

If you are flying in to inspect or pick-up an RV, we will pick you up FREE at the airport in Fort Myers (RSW), Sarasota (SRQ) or Punta Gorda (PGD), Florida.  The airport code is listed in (parentheses) next to the name of each city above.  Please provide your flight information in advance, and call us just before take-off to verify that you are on the way.  We will need to know how many passengers so that we know what size vehicle to send to pick-up you and your family.  If you are flying in and will need to spend the night before you take possession of your RV, we can recommend hotels near the airport or near our dealership, depending on the arrival time of your flight.

Our area is an extremely popular tourist destination.  You may want to spend the first night at an RV park in the area to practice using the RV.  We can recommend nearby RV parks.  Or you can hook-up for the first night at our facility, but our guest spaces do not have sewer hook-up.

Arrangements can be made for delivery of any RV.  We can refer you to an independent transporter for a price quote.  If it is a trailer, the typical delivery cost is $1.30 per mile towed (no charge for return mileage).  If it is a motorized RV, the typical delivery cost is $100 per day of travel, plus transportation to the airport and one-way air fare back to Fort Myers, FL.  Call for a specific quote to your location.

CONVENIENT LOCATION:  Charlotte RV Center is located in Punta Gorda, FL, at 23180 Harper Avenue (US 41), at the corner of Kings Highway (SR 170).  This is a beautiful area of Southwest Florida (the Gulf coast side of southern Florida), just off of I-75.  We are about 35-minutes from the Fort Myers airport, or 45-minutes from the Sarasota airport.  If you are visiting the Orlando area, we are about 2.5-hours from Disney World.  From the East coast of Florida, we are 2.5 to 3-hours from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Hollywood airports.

Charlotte RV Center is open 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Time, Monday through Saturday for you to come and SEE FOR YOURSELF the RVs offered for sale.  Professional RV consultants are available here and by telephone to answer any questions and to help you to select the RV that best meets your needs.  If you desire a technician’s assistance, then your visit must be between 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, and an appointment is required for a technician.  Closed Sundays and all major holidays.  Our display lots are open to walk around 24/7/365, however, some RVs may be inside the buildings or in the secured fenced lot.  If you plan to come look at a specific RV outside of normal business hours, be sure to call ahead to verify that it is on the open display lots.  All RVs are subject to prior sale.  The mileage posted was current at the time of listing, but may be a little more when you pick-up the vehicle due to test drives, going to fuel station, etc.